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work from my time at

Wayne State College

Below is just a few of the unique things I created while I was getting my bachelors degree at Wayne State College. This first project was very time consuming and gave me a greater respect for those who do movie editing. This was a project I created in a design class I took in college. The purpose of this project was to take a small section of a song or a narrative from a movie and make it a kinetic typography animation. I chose the begining narrative to the movie “How to Train your Dragon.” I tried to focus on the most interesting aspects of the narrative and making them come to life with the animation I used. It was successful because each animation was unique to the content is was designed with. Even though it took an extremely long time I was very happy with the outcome and the knowledge I gained with aftereffects.

This was a website and company that I created with one of my classmates for one of my undergraduate classes that I took. We were told that we had to create a meaningful and well developed website for whatever we felt would be interesting. My partner and I decided to create a website where college kids could get all of the necessities for the many games that they played. We created a name, a logo and even customized some items with our logo using photoshop. We decided that we wanted to create a clean but interesting website that would be intriguing to anyone from ages 16-27. It was successful because we used a gender neutral, bright color scheme and our images were unique. We held a photoshoot with some of our friends where we all just hung out, played games, and took pictures. These photos are the photos that are used throughout the website. We also coded the whole thing from scratch in brackets, the image with the word “indoor” over it is an example of the hover attribute that we used on the actual website. Although we never published the website, both my partner and I were very happy with the overall outcome and we both received a great grade on the project.

During my time at Wayne State College I was asked in one on my classes to create an app that could be downloaded but students that I thought would be beneficial. The first thing that came to my mind was an app that would remind you when you had a test, quiz, or homework due for a class. The app would send you reminders letting you know if you had a test coming up and reminding you to study for it. It also contained an area where students could share notes from class if they missed for any reason. I decided to go with a colorful and geometric layout so that the app didn’t come off as to bland, and in the outcome was quite successful. I also entered my design in to invision and used after effects to display the actual animation this app would have when certain things were clicked.