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Website and Graphic Designer

TWIGS is a local wedding decoration company based out of my home town. They approached needing everything to start their brand new business. I told them we should start with a logo and go from there so we did. They had no ideas on what they wanted for a logo and told me to make up a wide variety of logos that fit their brand. We went through about twenty logos and ideas until they finally decided on this simple broken arrow logo. We chose the green to match the organic name and feel of the business. By the end of the long process they were extremely happy with the outcome and excited to get started on the rest of the brand.

Soon after we created a logo I started working on a website design. They were a very contemporary company and I wanted to work with that. They told me that they wanted a section that would show previous weddings they had worked on, a section where they could sell and rent out their equipment, and a contact section. With this information I created a site that would be unique to them. There were a few complications that I faced while coding the site and we are still changing and adding things but all in all the site has been very successful.

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Next we created business cards. My only goal for this project was to make sure the customer was happy with the outcome. I went with a colorful but organic wood background and make it appear as if their logo was burned into it. They loved it. While this was not my favorite design I enjoyed making it and was happy that they were excited about the final product.

CB's business card CB's business card