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Wayne State College Rugby Team

Graphic Designer

Durring my four years of college I did not only play rugby, I helped them with thier recruiting process, and I did a majority of thier graphic designing. Both of which were chalenging at times, but my results were very positive.

This is a T-shirt that I was asked to create by the Wayne State Rugby Coach that was actually printed and sold as a fundraising tool for my college’s rugby team. The shirts that the team had sold in the past all looked primarily the same and I knew I didn’t want to do that. I started off by creating three different designs that were more modern and contained little to no color that I found unique and interesting and presented them to the rugby team. From there I had them choose what one they liked best. This was the one that everyone was very excited about. The shirts and, by correlation, the fundraiser were both very successful, and I have been asked to design multiple T-shirts for different companies because of it.

Both of these flyers I designed for the Wayne Rugby Team. One was suppose to be clean simple and easy to read because it was being used to try and attract interested employees. It was successful in getting applicants for the position and I was very satisfied with the outcome. The other is a flyer I created for an alumni event. I had limited information and content so I had to make due with what was given to me but I think the outcome was a success and the event not only raised money for the rugby team but also helped past players reconnect.

This project was a first for me. I was asked by the Wayne State Rugby Coach to create a rugby ball design for the Wayne State College Rugby team that game spectators and players would want to purchase. After looking at some different ball designs that I found on the internet I came up with this idea. I wanted to create a “tribal print” concept because that was what was very common in the rugby community which I did by creating repeating patterns and specific shapes I had noticed in multiple tribal prints. I also incorporated the team’s mascot and team colors as the main focus. This design was a bit of a struggle for me because I had never created something like this before, but in the end the physical ball turned out well and the team ended up selling quite a few at one of their events.