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J&L Hardware

Website Designer

J&L Hardware is a company based out of Austin Texas that contacted me because they needed a new website to match the look they had recently created. They make it clear that they wanted a clean simple look that got the job done. They didn’t want anything flashy or over the top, so I created this website that had four simple pages with a clean layout. It contained all the necessary information that the site needed to display and in the end they were very pleased with it. I also was in charge of making sure that the site was “googleable” as well as easy to find when potential clients were searching for a “supplier of high-end architectural hardware and luxury bath fixtures.” Since the site was posted the business has succeeded in many ways and continues to grow.

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J&L Hardware Home page J&L Hardware Content Page J&L Hardware Contact Page
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The entire site is rendered to make sure that it is easily accessible from any device it may be view on. The layout changes a little bit to fit the specific screen and the menu changes into a clickable hamburger menu.

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