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This is a local band that asked me to create a logo, business cards, and a website that displayed their creative and unique style, as well as making them look professional. We started with a logo. They wanted something very simple because, and I quote, “We aren’t showy people.” With that I came up with the idea of just using the two beginning letters of their band. It is easy to understand and looked clean. What makes it unique is the organic brush stroke we used. They were happy with the end product and excited to get on to the next step.

Their website,, I designed to keep with the flow of the logo and business card. It is very simple with small pops of color and easy to navigate. There is a page that displays all of their gigs so fans can figure out where they are playing. It also has a contact page because they do the occational wedding and those trying to book them need a way to get a hold of them. It is simple but it works perfectly for what they are trying to achieve.

CB calendar page CB video page

Then they needed an actual business card. These images show the front which I made from the photos they received after doing a photo shoot. I kept with the simplistic theme but made it unique with the placement of the images. Overall I wanted the images to speak for themselves because they were so beautifully and artistically done.

CB's business card CB's business card

Once everything came together, the band was very pleased with the overall outcome. Since then, they have excelled in their community and have been very successful.